My experience

Whale photography: I’ am a professional whale photographer since 2007 and pricipally on the Atlantic Ocean and it’s seas. My photos are used by (social) media and namely for educational programs worldwide. Please ask for permission © to use my (our) photos.

Seal rescue: From 2007 / 2014 I worked as a volunteer for the SRRC (Seal Rescue and Rehabilitation centre) in the Netherlands as Marine Mammal Stranding member.

Whale rescue advice: In 2014 I decided to give priority to Atlantic whale rescue advice. I delivered in 2014 a professional Whale rescue protocol and Whale rescue rulebook for whales above 5 meters of length and 1000K of weigh with main focus on Whale beach prevention to the Dutch government as input for their first whale protocol. Desertinho was than 1 out of 5 organizations in the Netherlands that was asked to deliver their whale expertise to the government of the Netherlands.

Planet Ecocean conservation project: Desertinho’s Planet Ecocean conservation project is the oldest one and still current. The Atlantic Ocean, the 2nd largest Ocean on earth, still has to deal with lots of human rubbish. In 10 years of time I personaly collected more than 5 tons of rubbish out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whale Photo-ID: I work on several international Whale Photo-ID projects / Whale Photo Identifications projects on the Atlantic Ocean. In 10 years of time I collected a great database with all kind of baleen, and toothed, whales. I share these photos, information, and data together with other Atlantic Ocean Whale Photo-ID projects / Whale Photo Identification organizations.

Education and PublicityThe added value to give on a regular base lectures and presentations about whale and seal conservation in the Atlantic Ocean is essential for our network. We give high priority to “Corporate Social Responsibility” (C.S.R.) and I’ am able to give these presentations in different kinds of languages like: Dutch, English, German, and Italian.